About Block Boards

Learn about the designer & artist behind Block Boards, the story of how it was founded, and where we are now.

The Artist

Noah Littlefield Gasner is a Block Island native who has been crafting uniquely shaped cutting boards for over fifteen years. All of his designs are inspired by the different species of fish that surround Block Island throughout the seasons. His boards are hand cut from walnut, cherry and white pine, carefully selected for unique knots and grain patterns.

Our Story

Noah Littlefield Gasner was raised on Block Island, Rhode island. His ancestors, who settled the Island in 1661, have fished its waters for over 12 generations. Like his ancestors before him, Noah spent much  of his childhood spear diving and fishing the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. At 11 years old he began creating fish shaped designs out of wood scraps that he found laying around his fathers work shop.  This evolved to sustainably sourcing different woods from local lumber yards and eventually  selling his crafts at art fairs and farmers markets. After 15 years of perfecting his skills, Noah continues to use basic woodworking techniques to create each piece by hand at his studio on Block Island. Each piece is finished with a natural blend of mineral oil and beeswax to ensure that it is food-safe for use as a cutting board or serving tray, in addition to protecting, and enhancing the appearance of the wood for display on your wall. 



Our Mission

To create unique products out of natural materials. We strive to always be handmade, one-of-a-kind and sustainable.



108 Corn Neck Road, Block Island, RI

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